November 12, 2018

Christ, what a post this is going to be.

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From time to time, the world has be seized by a zeitgeist … this is not one of those times.  This is the time to mourn the passing of Mr. Zeitgeist, dead at the age of 63.  What becomes of the thoughts of dead people, anyway, do they become repackaged and flung about, like in China.  Or merely refrigerated at the Crematorium.  (Duhh, crematoriums don’t have refrigerators).

Sure, I’ll add another post.

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People of Earth, you’re actually from Mars.

But seriously, this is an intergalactic hold-up!


Today is the day

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As you may or may not know, time is running out on your notions.


I’m not talking about portions

August 15, 2006

Weakness! Weakness everywhere!

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This prophet was highly saddened to see the stalwart bulkhead that is FoxNews capitulate to terrorists. Today, as reported in their own pages, FoxNews is negotiating with the savages that have kidnapped two of their reporters. Hello Mr. Murdoch! This merely emboldens the islamifascists to commit similar heinious crimes in the future! And because this is a global war on terror (GWOT), the risk of abductions has jumped thourghout all corners of the Earth. People in Szolnok, Iceland, now have to be a little more on the defensive, thank you very much.

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